SEPSAMEDHA's ASFA Digital equipment (Automatic Signal Announcement and Braking), is an on-board equipment that controls the train driving under the safety parameters established by ADIF, by means of a semi-continuous ATP (Automatic train protection) system, which provides a continuous supervision of the speed by means of punctual transmission of information through beacons.

SEPSAMEDHA's ASFA equipment is installed in numerous series of RENFE vehicles. Both the hardware and the software are our own engineering. SEPSAMEDHA offers the system integration service for all kinds of railway machines. The whole system is under a SIL IV level.

ECP - Process and Control Equipment
Replay panel
Visual Display Screen
General Mixer

Main features

  • Supervising and controlling the braking curve.
    • Maximum speed
    • Approach speed to a stop sign
    • Approach speed to a turnout
    • Cross-grades, etc.
  • The driver of the train can see all the information on a cockpit screen (train speed, target speed, overspeed, reading beacon, etc.).
  • Different audible signals from the cab speaker
  • Interface with LZB, ERTMS & Registration
  • Storing images for subsequent use

Product characteristics

  • Train speed monitoring and control system when reading the train protection beacons. 
  • Acoustic and optical signals for the train driver:
    • Target train speed
    • TPWS beacons are reading…
    • Time response
  • Comparison of actual speed, target speed and breakout activation in case of exceeding target speed
  • Computer-based configuration (speeds, times, etc.)
  • LIS 4 compliance